Per Se Performance and Selection Indices over Irrigated and Limited Irrigation Conditions in Coriander...

Sunita Kumari1, L. K. Sharma1, Sandhya2* and Mukul2

Pages: 2571-2578

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Microbiological Quality of Fresh Iceberg Lettuce Harvested in Tunisia

Ameni Telmoudi* and Mnasser Hassouna

Pages: 2229-2236

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Investigation of Effects of Irrigation Thorough Wastewater on Coliform Accumulation and Anions Leaching Concentrations

Sharareh Nasr1, Payam Najafi2, Fariborz Abbasi3, Seyyed Hassan Tabatabaiaei4 and Elham Chavoshi5

Pages: 1987-1992

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TD-GC-MS Analysis on Antibacterial and Safety Characteristics of Volatiles from Bamboo during Cavitation, Carbonization...

Sheng-Bo GE1#, Tao Jiang3,4#, Lishu Wang1, Wan-Xi PENG1,2*, Dong-Li LI1 and Yuzo Furuta2*

Pages: 1907-1912

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Molecular Diagnosis of Multidrug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates in and around Mumbai

Suvarna Joshi1, Ritwik Dahake2, Vidushi Chitalia1, Shashikant Vaidya1 and Abhay Chowdhary2

Pages: 2263-2270

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Isolation and Optimization of Proteolytic and Lipolytic Bacteria from Dairy Effluent

P.B. Sridevi, N. Parthasarathy, S. Thiruvengadam and D. Sridhar

Pages: 2465-2470

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Effect of Microbial Inoculants on Growth and Yield Parameters in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

M.E. Shilpa1, B. Latha1, G. Dakshayini1, H.M. Vikas2 and M. Srikantaiah1

Pages: 2591-2596

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Rubberwood Fiber Treatment by Laccase Enzyme and Its Application In Medium Density Fiberboard

Mohammed Nasir1, Othman Sulaiman1*, Rokiah Hashim1, Kaizar Hossain2, Arun Gupta3 and Mohd Asim4

Pages: 2095-2100

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