Epizootic State on Leucosis of Cattle, The Perspective Directions of its Prevention and Measures...

Ekaterina Rudenko1, Valentin Piontkovsky1 and Gediminas Pridotkas2

Pages: 2011-2016

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Seroepidemiological Review of Leptospirosis and its Co- Infection Between 2007 to 2009 in Chennai,...

Thiruvengadam Subramaniyan1* and Mazher Sultana2

Pages: 2411-2418

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Rubberwood Fiber Treatment by Laccase Enzyme and Its Application In Medium Density Fiberboard

Mohammed Nasir1, Othman Sulaiman1*, Rokiah Hashim1, Kaizar Hossain2, Arun Gupta3 and Mohd Asim4

Pages: 2095-2100

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Epizootic and Epidemiological Situation, Prevention and Measures of Fight Against Rabies of Animals in...

Gulmira Kalihanovna Murzakaeva1, Valentin Ivanovich Piontkovsky1 and Gediminas Pridotkas2

Pages: 2243-2249

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The Relationship Between Tumor Necrosis Factor Alfa Level and Hepatic Activity Index in Patients...

Fatma Kesmez Can1, Emine Parlak2*, Abdullah Can3 and Mehmet Parlak4

Pages: 2137-2144

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Biodiversity Analysis of four Streptomyces spp. Isolates Habitat in Soils

T.A.Tewfike1* and M.H. Yassin2

Pages: 1831-1838

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Biological Control of Phytophthora capsici by Native Trichoderma of the Rhizosphere of Serrano Pepper,...

Victoria-Arellano A.D.1, Guzman-Plazola R.A.1, Zavaleta-Mejía E.1 and Romero-Arenas O.2*

Pages: 1951-1955

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Response of Irrigation and Sulphur on Growth and Yield of Semi-rabi Sesamum (Sesamum indicum...

Nand Kishor Devanda, R.A. Patel* and H.K. Patel

Pages: 2615-2618

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Matrix Metallo Proteinases Activities in N-methyl-N-nitrosourea Induced Mammary Tumour in Wistar Rats

Harish D. Ramachandra1*, Arvind K. Singh1, Shishir K. Gupta1, Madhu C. Lingaraju2, Goravanahalli M. Vidyalakshmi4, Aditya P. Sahoo1, G. Ravikumar1 and Ashok K. Tiwari3

Pages: 2379-2384

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