Study of Broad Spectrum Disinfectants Antibacterial Effect against Common Nosocomial Bacteria

M. Amiri1, S. Mehrabian2, D. Esmaili1*, Moj. Amiri3, U. Panahi3, E. Torabi1 and R. Ataee1

Pages: 1037-1040

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Rupture of Protozoal Cells in Presence of Chromobacterium violaceum

Shesh Prakash Maurya1, Anand Ramani2 and Kaustubh Kalamkar3

Pages: 1035-1036

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Chromate Reduction by a Purple Non Sulphur Phototrophic Bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus KU002 Isolated from...

Ramchander Merugu1,2, M.P. Pratap Rudra2, Atthapu Thirupathaiah3, S. Girisham4 and S.M. Reddy4

Pages: 1027-1029

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Awareness Concerning Occupational Exposure and Post Exposure Prophylaxis due to HIV Infection Among Medical...

K. Hemagiri1, C.S. VinodKumar2, Rajashri S. Patil3 and M.K. Muralidhar1

Pages: 1023-1025

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Infantile Diarrhea: With Special Reference to E. coli

Dipti Sundar Mohanty1, Sukantibala Mohapatra2 and Pravas Ranjan Misra1

Pages: 1019-1021

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A Study on the Prevalence of Bacillus cereus Emetic Strains in Rasmalai in and...

Musvi S. Altaf1, Chauhan Rayaz Ahmad2, S. Arshad Hussain3, M.M. Willayat1 and Asif Iqbal4

Pages: 1011-1016

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Thermostable Phytase from Bacillus

P.M. Megha1 and K. Panneer Selvam2

Pages: 1007-1009

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