Detection of H. pylori By PCR Method using UreA and UreC Gene in Gastric...

Hazrat Wahab1, Tilawat Khan2, Iftikhar Ahmad3, Arif Jan3, Muhammad Younas3, Hussain Shah3, Naser M. AbdEl-Salam4, Sultan Ayaz5, Riaz Ullah6 and Mohammad A. Wasim7

Pages: 2165-2174

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Comparative Study on Growth Parameters and Yield Potential of Five Strains of Milky Mushroom...

P.K. Dhakad, Ram Chandra, M.K. Yadav and Usha R. Patar

Pages: 2333-2337

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Bioremediation of Textile Effluent with Membrane Bioreactor Using the White-rot Fungus Coriolus versicolor

Kaizar Hossain1, Norli Ismail1*, Mohd Rafatullah1, Shlrene Quaik1, Mohammed Nasir2, Maruthi A.Y.3 and Rameeja Shaik4

Pages: 1979-1986

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Identification and Genetic Characterization of Pectobacterium spp. and Related Enterobacteriaceae Causing Potato Soft Rot...

Nader A. Ashmawy1, Nagia M. Jadalla1,2, Alia A. Shoeib1 and Ahmed F. El-Bebany1,3

Pages: 1847-1858

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Antibiogram and Multiple Antibiotic Resistance index of Salmonella enterica isolates from Poultry

Jangsher Ali Khan, Irfan Ahmad Mir, S.S. Soni and Sunil Maherchandani

Pages: 2495-2500

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Effect of Irrigation and Nitrogen on Growth and Yield of Rajma (Phaseolus vulgaris...

Sejal K. Parmar, R.A. Patel and H.K. Patel

Pages: 2661-2663

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Antagonistic Activity of Indigenous Strains of Pseudomonas fluorescens Against Fungal Plant Pathogens

Narinder Singh1*, Moumita Ghosh1, Daljeet Singh1, Shiveta Raina1 and Ahmed Ibrahim A.I. Heflish2

Pages: 2255-2262

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Doctor’s Pen: Fomite for a Super Bug Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Niraj A. Ghanwate1, P.V. Thakare2, P.R. Bhise3 and Pradnya Pimparkar1

Pages: 2611-2614

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