Aims and Scope

Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology (JPAM) is a peer-reviewed, open access, quarterly published international journal of microbiology strives to provide a forum for worldwide scientific researchers, academics, clinicians and microbiologists for publication of high quality reviews, research articles, short communications and clinical studies pertaining to all aspects of microbiology and its allied disciplines. All original articles reporting work on micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria, algae and fungi are welcomed. Articles must present information that is novel, has high impact and interest, and is of high scientific quality that makes significant contribution to the field as a whole.

Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology covers following topics:

Microbiology Microbial Structure
Bacteriology Microbial Taxonomy
Phycology Food Microbiology
Mycology Industrial Microbiology
Biotechnology Medical Microbiology
Protozoology Epidemiology
Molecular Biology Public Health Microbiology
Microbial Genetics Diagnostic Microbiology
Microbial Physiology Microbial Ecology
Microbial Biochemistry Agriculture Microbiology
Environmental Microbiology Genetics and Molecular Biology
Enzymology and Protein Engineering Physiology
Geomicrobiology Plant Microbiology
Invertebrate Microbiology Biodegradation
Evolutionary and Genomic Microbiology Viruses