A Thermostable Candida molischiana Mutant Capable of Ethanol Production at Elevated Temperatures

Melanie R. Geiger, William R. Gibbons and Thomas P. West*

Pages: 1743-1748

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Propagation of Aspergillus niger in Stirred Fermentor for the Production of Glucose Oxidase

Irshad Ahmad1*, Zia Ul Islam2, Zhisheng Yu2 and Muhammad Mohsin Javed3

Pages: 1735-1742

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A Study on the Effectiveness of Domestic Disinfectants against Some Human Pathogens

Sukantibala Mohapatra, Priti Binita Lakra* and Sasmita Mohanty

Pages: 1721-1726

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Microbiological and Other Characteristics of Microencapsulation Containing Lactobacillus acidophilus (CICC 6075)

Yuan Ma1, Yage Xing1*, Tinxuan Wang1, Qinglian Xu1, Yimin Cai2, Zhenming Che1 Qiuhua Wang1 and Li Jiang1

Pages: 1693-1699

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Cloning and expression of a Trehalose Synthase from Pseudomonas putida KT2440 in Bacillus subtilis...

Tengfei Wang1,2*, Kun Dai2, Hongjuan Liu2, Shiru Jia1 and Ruiming Wang2

Pages: 1687-1692

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Dynamics of Soil Microbial Properties following Land Utilization Types in a Karst Region, Southwest...

Yan Liu1-2, Min Song2-4, Wanxia Peng2-3, Tongqing Song2-3*, Fu-ping Zeng2-3, Hu Du2-3 and Desuo Cai1

Pages: 1675-1685

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