Composition of Microbial Communities in Industrial Drain Outlets

Wang Zhonghua1,Yang Jianqiang2*, Zhang Dijun1, Zhou Jun1, Zhang Chundan1, Su Xiurong1* and Li Taiwu3

Pages: 807-815

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Detection of Helicobacter pylori and Human Papilloma Virus in Laryngeal Papillomatosis of Patients in...

Kh. Moridi1, R. Hosseini Doust2, Z. Goudarzi1, H. Lashini1, D. Esmaeili2 and E. Saberfar1*

Pages: 793-796

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Role of Ascorbic Acid in Alleviating Air Pollutants in Eggplant Seedlings

Mohammed A. Al-Muwayhi1, Abdulaziz A. Al Sahli2, Abdullah R. Doaigey2, Mohammed O. Basalah2, Hayssam M. Ali2*, Mohamed E. El-Zaidy2 and Ahmed M. Sakran2

Pages: 783-792

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Comparative Study on 7 and 14 Days Stored Pot Stained Sputum Smears with Conventional...

A. Julius1, Rajalakshmi Allen2, Pramila2 and Bhuminathan Swamikannu3

Pages: 771-777

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Influence of Fungi on Carbohydrate and Phenol Content of Jatropha curcas Seeds during Storage

Seweta Srivastava1*, Manisha Srivastava2, Ravindra Kumar3, Swapnil Kumar Shrivastava4, Gorakh Nath Gupta5 and Asha Sinha1

Pages: 761-766

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Immunopathological and Molecular Approaches for the Diagnosis of Salmonellosis in Natural Cases of Bovine...

Vishal Mahajan1, Harmanjit Singh Banga2 and Gursimran Filia1

Pages: 753-756

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