Management of Brown Rust (Puccinia recondita) of Wheat and its Impact on Yield under...

Nisar A. Dar1*, Rayees A. Ahanger1, S.K. Singh1, Hilal Ahmad Bhat2, Vikas Gupta1 and V.K. Razdan1

Pages: 3357-3362

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Haplotype Studies in Bacterial Species Surviving in Different Areas

Pyusha J. Dudhatra, Kajal G. Solanki, Jigna G. Tank*, Bhavisha P. Sheth and Vrinda S. Thaker

Pages: 3345-3355

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Assessment of Food Safety with Reference to E. coli in Broiler Chicken Meat

T. Arul Kumar1, S. Saravanan1* and M. Sasikala2

Pages: 3335-3337

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Optimization of Growth Medium using a Statistical Approach for the Production of Plant...

Vanaja Nuthalapati, Ramalingam Chidambaram*, Nandita Das Gupta,Shivendu Ranjan, Lina Rose Varghese and Sanjeeb Kumar Mandal

Pages: 3313-3324

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Identification of True Exogenous Avian Leukosis Virus Transmitters by Serological and Molecular Assays

A. Elamurugan1*, Alka Tomar2 and Vishesh Kumar Saxena3

Pages: 3299-3307

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Characterization of a New Alkaliphilic Nocardiopsis Strain from the Desert of Egypt

Wael N. Hozzein1,2*, Mohammed I.A. Ali3, Ola Hammouda2 and Ahmed S. Mousa2

Pages: 3285-3290

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