Lignocellulosic Waste Degradation Potential of Some Cellulolytic Fungal Strains Isolated from Putrid Fruits

H.A. Akinyele*1, A.A.T. Taliat2, G.C. Enwerem2, O.G. Dawodu2 and O.S. Owojuyigbe2

Article: 6128 |   Pages: 2585-2593

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Assessment of Seroprevalence and the Risk Factors of Sheep Brucellosis in Basrah (Southern Iraq):...

Mohanad Faris Abdulhameed1*, Moaed Hanoon Sayhood1, Ali Balbool Aldeewan2 and Tareq Hadi Srayyih3

Article: 6676 |   Pages: 2543-2554

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Antimicrobial and Antiproliferative Activities of Depside Compound Isolated from the Mycobiont Culture of Parmotrema...

Kalidoss Rajendran1, Shanmugam Poornima2 and Ponmurugan Ponnusamy1*

Article: 6621 |   Pages: 2525-2541

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Green Synthesis and Antimicrobial Potential of Silver/Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with Debregeasia salicifolia D. Don

Sami Bawazeer1, Abdur Rauf2, Khaliq Ur Rahman2, Jawad Ali2, Ghias Uddin3, Fatima Begum3, Mohammad S. Mubarak4 and Mohamed Fawzy Ramadan5,6*

Article: 6682 |   Pages: 2513-2523

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Optimization of Keratinase Production and Utilization of Bacillus pumilus for Feather Degradation

S. Dhiva1, C. Akshara1, K. Afna1, U. Dhanush1, P. Arya1, S. Saigeetha2, S. Abirami3, Angel Abraham4, R. Emilin Renitta4 and Antony V. Samrot5*

Article: 6593 |   Pages: 2483-2489

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The Sustainability Approach to Treatment of DR-TB Patients through Community Social Organization (Aisyiyah)

Tutik Kusmiati*, Catur Agustiyanto, Vicky Reinold Rampengan and Soedarsono

Article: 6165 |   Pages: 2477-2481

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