Chemical Constituents of the Root of Mirabilis jalapa

Jiang Yanxia1, Liu Zhe2 and Lei Juntao2*

Pages: 329-333

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Envelope Filtering Method for the SEMG Continuous Action

Bo You1#, Hanqing Zhao2,3#* and Liu Yi1

Pages: 323-328

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Degradation Information-Based Instantaneous Reliability Prediction of Cutting Tool

Baojia Chen1*, Li Li1, Xuefeng Chen2, Zhengjia He2, Gaigai Cai2 and Wenrong Xiao2

Pages: 317-322

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Design and Implementation of Novel Elbow Orthosis

Guodong Gao1, Xiaogang Zhang1*, Yiwei Jang1, Min Song1, Linzhong Cao1, Guodong Yang1, Bin Xu1, Yuan Song2, Shiwei Xu1 and Yuanzhen Li1

Pages: 309-315

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Bioelectricity Generated by Endogenous Acetylcholine may be An Essential Factor in Salamander Limb Regeneration

Wenxin Geng1, Chinpang Cheung2, Rong Zhang3, Huicong Du1 and Fulin Chen1*

Pages: 277-282

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A Cerebral Autoregulation Simulator based on the Model of Intracranial Dynamics

Shyan-Lung Lin*, Hua-Wei Lin and Hsing-Cheng Chang

Pages: 269-276

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