A Survey on Current Theory and Application of General Linear Image Processing

Huiyan Jiang1*, Xihe Gao1, Ruijie Feng1 and Hiroshi Fujita2

Pages: 389-396

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Targeting Annexin A2 gene for Suppressing Invasion and Tumor Progression of Liver Cancer

Yao Min, Wang Li, Yan Meijuan, Gu Xing, Yan Xiaodi, Zhang Haijian and Dengfu Yao*

Pages: 381-388

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The Study on Local Thermo-therapy with CT Measure Temperature: the Pharmacokinetics Study of Iohexolthermosensitive...

Zhang Bin-gjie1*, Li Mu1, Gao Jing2, Zeng Yong2, Yu Fei3 and Zhuang Lu-ning3

Pages: 369-374

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The Separation and Identify of SRB in the Experimental Research on the Disposition of...

Yongpeng Wang1, Zhihuai Zhao1*, Xiuzhen Yin2, Yuan Liu3 and Huaai Liao1

Pages: 345-350

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Solute Transport in Undisturbed Silt Loam Soil Columns with Preferential Path

Ting Yang1, Beibei Zhou1,2* and Quanjiu Wang1,2*

Pages: 335-344

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