A Review on Biofuel Production from Biomass by Microorganisms

He Jiaxin1,2 and Liu Zhenling1*

Pages: 111-116

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Solute Transport in Undisturbed Silt Loam Soil Columns with Preferential Path

Ting Yang1, Beibei Zhou1,2* and Quanjiu Wang1,2*

Pages: 335-344

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One-Pot Synthesis of Ag Nanoparticle / Graphene Composites using Sodium Citrate as Reducing Agent

Ying Li, Xin Liu, Jimei Zhang*, Zhao Dai, Ping Li and Jun Wei

Pages: 105-110

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Design and Implementation of Novel Elbow Orthosis

Guodong Gao1, Xiaogang Zhang1*, Yiwei Jang1, Min Song1, Linzhong Cao1, Guodong Yang1, Bin Xu1, Yuan Song2, Shiwei Xu1 and Yuanzhen Li1

Pages: 309-315

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Endogenous Orbital Cellulitis and Endophthalmitis Induced by Klebsiella can be the First Sign of...

Wen-song Zhang1, Ji-Long Hao2, Hong Zhang2, Shu-Yan Gu2 and Hong-yan Zhou2*

Pages: 101-104

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