Bionics Design and Dynamic Simulation for Lower Limbs Prosthesis

Yiyong Yang1*, Shengwen Wang, Rencheng Wang2 and Min Yang1

Pages: 425-431

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Human Driving Mobility Model Based Availability Evaluation for Multi-hop Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks

Tianle Zhang1*, Yuyu Yuan1, Jorgen Boegh1, Zongwei Luo2 and Xu Wu1

Pages: 227-233

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A Cerebral Autoregulation Simulator based on the Model of Intracranial Dynamics

Shyan-Lung Lin*, Hua-Wei Lin and Hsing-Cheng Chang

Pages: 269-276

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Effects of Substance P on Eotaxin Expression in Rats Model of Allergic Rhinitis

Zhiqiang Yan1, Shaoqing Yu2*, Shenghong Gao1 and Jun Zhang1

Pages: 201-207

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The Development of Functional Black Bean Soy Sauce

Shoupeng Wan1#, Meng Wang1#, Chunling Wang1 and Lihua Hou1*

Pages: 95-100

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