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Hai-yun Wang
1Environment and Water Conservancy College, Three Gorges University, Yi Chang – 4430 02, China.
J Pure Appl Microbiol. 2013;7(Spl. Edn.: April):303-308
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Received: 03/03/2013 | Accepted: 14/04/2013 | Published: 30/04/2013

With the monitoring, The disquisitive”algae bloom” in Three gorges reservoir, frae point of view for reservoir circulate, water character, weather, temperature abundant azote abundant phosphor, accrue spend, PH, delay glide, anatomy cause of formation condition and character that big model reservoir abundant alimentation, point out hydraulics condition alter solicitation of base, confirm especially different interactional of colligate course bring on “algae bloom” break out water character state of affairs,human character ,physics chem. abc warfare course ,sedimentation, adsorb, abc warfare fall among .bring forward prevention and cure Three gorges reservoir algae bloom many knowledge tackle key problem of system engineering.


Three Gorges Reservoir, Algae bloom, Cause of formation, Water character state of affairs

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