Microbiological Profile of Nosocomial Infections Due to Gram Negative Lactose Non-fermentative Bacteria in A...

Sucheta J. Lakhani1, Sanjay J. Mehta2, Dipak M. Panjwani3* and Jitendra D. Lakhani4

Article: 6813 |   Pages: 396-401

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Development of a Multiplex PCR Assay for Detection and Discrimination of Pathogenic and Saprophytic Leptospira in...

Archana Vishwakarma, Gayathri Rethinavelu, Rathinsabapthi Pasupathi and Mohandass Ramya*

Article: 6706 |   Pages: 240-245

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Association of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the VDR and CYP27B1 Genes with Risk of...

Hormoz Selahvarzi1, Milad Kamdideh1, Mehrnoosh Vahabi1, Ali Dezhgir1, Massoud Houshmand2,3* and Soha Sadeghi4,5*

Article: 6804 |   Pages: 201-211

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Distribution and Characterization of Actinomycetes in Mangrove Habitats (Red Sea, Egypt) with Special Emphasis...

Moaz M. Hamed, Mohamed A.A. Abdrabo, Nayer M. Fahmy, Lamis S. Abdelfattah, Mahmoud S. Kelany, Hala H. Abd-El latif, Gehan M. Abou El ela, Hanan M Abd-Elnaby and Sahar W.M. Hassan*

Article: 6766 |   Pages: 246-261

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Improved Protocol for Continuous Culture of Plasmodium falciparum Reference Strains

Tano Konan Dominique1*, Koffi Akissi Jeanne1,2, Dablé Marius Tresor1, Silué Kigbafori Dieudonné2,3, Tuo Karim4, Nkoua Badzi Cynthia5,6, Bénié Edjronké Marc Alexis2, Yéo Issa2, Menan Eby Ignace Hervé7and Yavo William1

Article: 6780 |   Pages: 123-129

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Bacterial Colonization of Intensive Care Unit Environment and Healthcare Workers in A Tertiary Care...

R. Kalyani1, N. Arvind2*, N. Suresh Kumar3, Mahendra M Reddy4 and K. Dinesh3

Article: 6280 |   Pages: 402-409

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