Ultrasound Therapy for Wound Healing: A Review of Current Techniques and Mechanisms of Action

Ali Yadollahpour*, Jalilifar Mostafa, Rashidi Samaneh and Rezaee Zohreh

Pages: 4071-4085

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Mycotoxin Production in Cladosporium Species Influenced by Temperature Regimes

Mohannad Abdullah Alwatban1, S. Hadi2 and M.A. Moslem2*

Pages: 4061-4069

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Expression and SNP Analysis of Bovine TLR3 Gene in FMD Infected Cattle

Sutopa Das1*, Arun Prasad2, Krishna Sarma1, Subhash Medhi3, Sujoy Bose3 and Manab Deka3

Pages: 4051-4060

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Cloning, Expression and Purification of Omp16, Omp19 and Omp28 of Brucella melitensis S19

Lei Yang, Xiangguo Wang, Yujie Song, Qian Li , Rui Dai, Guangdong Zhang, Yaping Jin and Aihua Wanga*

Pages: 4045-4050

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Antimicrobial Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: A Review of Current Techniques and Mechanisms of...

Ali Yadollahpour*, Mostafa Jalilifar and Samaneh Rashidi

Pages: 4031-4043

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Effect of Addition of Chlorella with Lactobacillus plantarum on Quality, Microbial Contents and Fermentation...

M. Valan Arasu1,2, S. Ilavenil2, M. Jane2, D.H. Kim3, K.D. Lee4, H.S. Park2 and K.C. Choi2*

Pages: 4017-4023

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A Retrospective Study of Q Fever for Epidemiological Aspects in Korea, 2006-2010

Soo-Han Lee1, Won-Chang Lee2 , Soo-Jin Lee2, Yang-Ho Jang2, Hyo-Bi Kim2, Tai-Young Yoon3, So-Hee An3 and Nong-Hoon Choe2*

Pages: 4011-4015

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Use of Biotechnology to Improve the Tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa) to Drought Stress

Ahsan A. Kadhimi1,3*, Arshad Naji Alhasnawi1,4, Anizan Isahak2, Mehdi Farshad Ashraf1, Azhar Mohamad5, Febri Doni1, Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff1 and Che-Radziah CheMohd Zain1*

Pages: 4001-4010

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Genetic Classification and Differentiation of Enterobius vermicularis Based on Mitochondrial Cytochrome C Oxidase (cox1)...

Vahid Rahnamaye Hayati Hagh1,2, Mahmoud Mahami Oskouei1,2*, Ahad Bazmani1 , Abolfazl Miahipour1,2 and Nasrin Mirsamadi3

Pages: 3995-3999

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