Native Isolates of Beijerinckia from Western Ghats Producing High Amount of Indole Acetic Acid

A.R. Alagawadi, S. Ammanna, C.K. Doddagoudar, A. Marihal and P.U. Krishnaraj

Pages: 4221-4224

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Deciphering Rhizospheric Bacterial Diversity Associated with Three Threatened Medicinal Plants of Amarkantak Region in...

Vasudha Singh1, Shivesh Sharma1*, Keshav Prasad Shukla1, Jyoti Singh1, Shikha Devi1, Ashish Tiwari1 and Rajkishor Gupta1

Pages: 4215-4220

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Screening of Antagonistic Activity and Antibiotic Resistance of Microflora Isolated from Idli Batter

Chinnashanmugam Saravanan and Prathapkumar H. Shetty*

Pages: 4195-4199

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Recovery of Silver from Exposed X-ray Film using Alkaline Protease

Z. P. Bhathena and Sachin S.Tawde

Pages: 4189-4194

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Isolation, Antibiogram and PCR Detection of Avibacterium paragallinarum from Poultry Flocks of India

Anjaneya1, Shambhu Dayal Singh1, Kuldeep Dhama1*, Mohd. Yaqoob Wani2 and Vasudevan Gowthaman1

Pages: 4181-4188

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An Overview of Quick-Witted Vacuum Cleaner Tape Technique towards Cataloguing Keratinophilic Fungi from ...

Hanan Mahmood1, Tridisha Goswami1 and Pratyoosh Shukla1,2*

Pages: 4177-4180

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Conformational Changes in Testis Specific Homing Peptide in Polar and Apolar Environment

Vikas D. Dighe1, Arvind Kumar Singh1, Dimpal Thakuria1 and Satish Kumar1*

Pages: 4171-4176

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Production and Optimization of Cellulase Enzymes from Newly Isolated Fungi

Khushbu Patel1*, Hiren Patel2 and Gaurav Shah1

Pages: 4163-4169

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