Identification of Newly Isolated Xanthomonades by Using Pathological, Chemical and Physiological Tests

Khalid A. Ali AbdelRahim1,2*, M.M. Ibrahim1,3 and Gehan A. El-Gaaly4

Pages: 149-158

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Molecular Identification of Four Botrytis Species Three of Them Associated with Neck Rot and...

Elsayed E. Hafez1, Emad el-Dein H. Wasfy2, Ahmed H.M. Ramadan3 and M. A. Abdel-Gayed3

Pages: 79-91

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Pyrite Desulfurization Under Variable Initial pH Conditions Using Extreme Thermophilic Bacteria

Aixiang Wu, Mingqing Huang, Yiming Wang*, Kaijian Hu, Shenghua Yin and Hongjiang Wang

Pages: 517-523

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Antagonistic Activities of Some Fungal Strains against the Toxigenic Aspergillus flavus Isolate and its...

Ashraf A. Mostafa1, Abdullah N. Al-Rahmah1, Ahmed Abdel-Megeed1,2, Shaban R. Sayed1 and Ashraf A. Hatamleh1

Pages: 169-178

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Numbers and Types of Diatoms in Pearl River

Yuzhong Wang1, Yan Liu2, Sunlin Hu3, HuiPin Wang1, Jian Zhao3, HuiJun Wang1 and Chao Liu3*

Pages: 741-746

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Investigation of Genes Related to Porcine Fatty Deposition by Illumina Sequencing

Xiao-Yang Zhao1, Jing Zhang1, Xiu-Dong Chen2, Shan-Qiang Wang2, Ya-Meng Yang2, Ya-Xing Jing1 and Zhen-Yu Zheng1,2*

Pages: 565-575

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Succession of Bacterial Culture-independent During Manure Composting Process

Safika1, Fida Madayanti2, Pingkan Aditiawati3 and Akhmaloka2*

Pages: 269-276

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Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Ziziphus jujuba Seeds Extract

Sherif H. Abd-Alrahman1*, Mounir M. Salem-Bekhit2 and Manal E.A. Elhalwagy3

Pages: 379-385

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