Copper Enhancement of Dettol Lethality to Candida albicans

Mohamed M. Ghareb1, Mohamed A. Elhefnawy1, Mohamed Ibrahim2, Azza M. Soliman1 and Awad A. Elshoura1*

Pages: 521-528

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Effects of Pesticides and Respiratory Inhibitors on Phenol Degradation by Acinetobacter sp. strain...

Siti Aqlima Ahmad1*, Mohd Yunus Shukor1, Nor Aripin Shamaan2, Nor Arina Ab Rahman1, Farrah Aini Dahalan3, Khalilah Abdul Khalil4 and Mohd Arif Syed1

Pages: 489-495

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Increasing Shelf Life of Pakistani Peaches Using Gamma Irradiation to Overcome Quarantine Barriers in...

Mehwish Iqtedar1*, Uzma Sarwar1, Roheena Abdullah1, Afshan Kaleem1, Mahwish Aftab1, Shagufta Naz2, Fakhar-un Nisa2, Saima Sharif2, Saima Aftab3 and Shagufta Naz1

Pages: 313-318

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Food Safety Perception and Practices among University Students in Jordan

Hamed M. Alzoubi1, Munir A. Abu-Helalah2*, Ahmad Y. Al-Zu’bi3, Oday Z. Al-Ma’aitah4, Tariq A. Dalbah4, Hussam A. Alshraideh5 and Amin A. Aqel6

Pages: 211-220

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Metabolomic Investigation of Elizabethkingia meningoseptica Response Challenge with Excoecaria agallocha Leaf Extract

A.A. Laith1,2, A.G. Mazlan1, T.S. Tengku Muhammad3, L.K. Teh4, M.Z. Salleh4 and M. Najiah1

Pages: 183-194

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Screening of Sonoran Desert Fungal Strains for Feruloyl Esterase Activity

Francisco J Bacame-Valenzuela1, Jorge A Rodriguez2, Juan C Mateos-Díaz2, Manuel Kirchmayr2, Elisa M Valenzuela-Soto1, Yolanda Reyes-Vidal1, Martin Esqueda1 and Ali Asaff1*

Pages: 131-138

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