Isolation of some Biocontrol Fungi from Saudi soil and their Beneficial Role as Bio-Fertilizers

H.M.A. Abdelzaher1, A.Z. Albahrawi1 and S.M.N. Moustafa1,2

Pages: 541-549

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Food Safety Perception and Practices among University Students in Jordan

Hamed M. Alzoubi1, Munir A. Abu-Helalah2*, Ahmad Y. Al-Zu’bi3, Oday Z. Al-Ma’aitah4, Tariq A. Dalbah4, Hussam A. Alshraideh5 and Amin A. Aqel6

Pages: 211-220

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Vaginal Probiotics and In vitro Inhibition of Herpes Vaginal Infection

Reza Ranjbar1, Mehdi Moazzami Goudarzi2* and Nematollah Jonaidi3

Pages: 599-608

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LC-MS/MS Detection of Central Carbon Metabolism using the Collision Fragments Method

Bin Rui1#, Han Wen1#*, Yongkang Wang1, Wenfeng Wang2, Chen Zhang1, Kuanchao Zhang1, Yadong Fan1, Yifan Xie1 and Hongxian Zhang1

Pages: 115-122

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Estimation of Phytochemicals, Inorganic Profile and Antimicrobial Activity of Taxus baccata Shoots

Nida Kazmi1, Waseem Hassan2, Sajjad Hussain1, Kamin Khan1, Salma Amir1, Hanif Ur Rehman1 and Ali Riaz1

Pages: 375-382

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