Molecular Identification of Invasion Diseases Agents of Acer negundo L. in South Kazakhstan

Moldir Turaliyeva1*, Arystanbek Yeshibaev1, Khalima Sartayeva2, Aigul Uspabayeva1 and Gulmira Elibayeva1

Pages: 691-696

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Characterization of Brucellaphage using RAPD and microsatellite repeat marker

Lata Jain1*, Mayank Rawat1, Vinay Kumar2 and Deepti Chachra3

Pages: 683-690

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Evidence of a Mixed Infection of Candidatus Phytoplasma Trifolii’ and a Begomovirus in Eggplant...

Jitender Singh1, Aastha Singh1, Pankaj Kumar1, Anchal Rani1, V.K. Baranwal2 and Anil Sirohi1

Pages: 663-670

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Antibiotic Resistance Pattern and Phylogenetic Analysis of Commensal Escherichia coli Isolated from Poultry

Ram Hari Meena1, Irfan Ahmad Mir1, Sunil Maherchandani1, Kanchan Jangir1, Nishtha Purohit1 and S.K. Kashyap1

Pages: 657-662

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Statistical Optimization of Nilavembu Kudineer using RSM and Its Antibacterial Activity

Ramya Saravanan, Kiruba Palani, B. Sampathkumar, M.S. Shree Devi* and Karthik Loganathan

Pages: 651-655

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Studies on Utilization of Agrobased Wastes for the Growth and Yield of Mushroom...

R. Manoj1,  A. Anantha Rama1, Y.P. Pragathi2, B.C. Mallesha1 and P.A. Gowda1

Pages: 643-649

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Species Distribution and Antifungal Susceptibility Pattern of Candida Isolated from Various Clinical Sample Obtained...

Swati Kumari1, A.R. Hanumanthappa2, M.R. Rajeswari3 and G. Vishwanath4

Pages: 637-642

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Soil Bacterial Diversity Analysis of Cotton Field under Organic and Inorganic Management using DGGE

Malik Ahmed Pasha1, Sumangala Bhat1, P.U. Krishnaraj1

Pages: 631-636

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Optimized Production of Cellulase by Aspergillus niger Using Ricinus communis Seed Coat Waste

Subhash Ghodadara*, Prateek Shilpkar and Arvind Dungrechiya

Pages: 623-629

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