Characterisation of Selected Trichoderma Isolates with Antifungal Activity

Chidanand A. Rabinal1, Sumangala Bhat1* and P. U. Krishnaraj2

Pages: 357-365

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Incidence of Different Bacterial Pathogens Associated with Filaria Patients from Coastal Areas of...

B.B. Pal*, S. Mohanty, , H.K. Khuntia, R.K. Sahoo, D.N. Hansda, S.K. Beuria and S.K. Kar

Pages: 453-457

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Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases of Chestnut Fruit by Microbial Antagonists-Endophytic Bacteria CE3

Li Linling1,3, Cheng Hua1,3, Hua Juan1,3, Yuan Honghui1,3, Chen Xiaoling1 and Cheng Shuiyuan1,2*

Pages: 57-67

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Isolation of Probiotic Lactobacilli from Human Infants’ Stool Samples Exhibiting Antimicrobial Activity Against Pathogenic...

Radhika Trikha1*, Avantika Sharma1, Vishal Guglani2, Praveen Rishi3 and Rupinder Tewari1

Pages: 377-390

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Distribution of Obesity among Male in Aljouf Population, Saudi Arabia

Meshref Alruwaili1, Ismail Hamad1,2 and Samy Selim1,3*

Pages: 617-622

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Nanotechnology in Agriculture: A Review

Yogesh Bhagat1*, K. Gangadhara2, Chidanand Rabinal1, Gaurav Chaudhari1 and Padmabhushan Ugale1

Pages: 737-747

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The Study of Satureja khuzestanica Essence Inhibitory Effects against Housekeeping Gene DNA Gyrase A...

Parya Baban Zadeh1, Davoud Esmaeili2*, Fatemeh Moradi2 and Fateme Mashayekhi3

Pages: 491-495

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