Molecular Confirmation of Conserved Nature of RD Region Encoded Genes from Indian Strain of...

Sangram Ramane1, Rishendra Verma2, Tista Mondal1 and Vikramaditya Upmanyu3

Pages: 3279-3283

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Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Endorhizospheric Diazotrophs of Western Ghats

A.R. Alagawadi, S. Ammanna and C.K. Doddagoudar

Pages: 3273-3278

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Antimicrobial Activity of Biosynthesized Silver Oxide Nanoparticles

K. Vithiya, Rajendran Kumar and Shampa Sen*

Pages: 3263-3268

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Screening of Streptomyces and Process Optimization for the Production of Tyrosinase

S. Shivaveerakumar1, D.N. Madhusudhan1, H. Raghavendra1 and Dayanand Agsar1*

Pages: 3245-3252

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Isolation of Alkaline Phosphatase Producing Bacteria Employing A Novel Screening Medium for Phosphatases

P. Nalini1*, T. Prabhakar1, P. Ellaiah2 and G. Girijasankar1

Pages: 3237-3244

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Biological Control of Fusarium Wilt in Chickpea by Co-Inoculation of Antagonistic Plant Growth Promoting...

Babita Mukhija*, Veena Khanna, Palika Sharma and Sukhjinder Kaur

Pages: 3229-3236

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Effect of Different Parameters on the Growth of Cellulose Decomposing Bacteria

Ankita Tandel1*, Mohsin Topivala2, Amit Mehta2, Chaitanya Mogal2 and Mrugesh Khunt3

Pages: 3223-3228

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Bioproduction of Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) by Rhizobium Strains Isolated from Root Nodules of...

Shraddha Bhatt, R.V. Vyas, Sneha Mistry and H.N. Shelat

Pages: 3213-3221

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