Purification and Characterization of a Unique Chitinase from a Malbranchea chrysosporioidea Isolated from Chitin...

Dakshayani Lomada1*, Suneetha Nuthakki2, J. Venkata Narayana2 and G. Venkateswerlu3

Pages: 497-504

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Endophytes – From Plant to Plants

A. Garg, T. Saify, Gary Strobel, V. Kucheria, C. Prajapati, H. Kachchhava, D. Pote, B.D Patil and R. Srivastava

Pages: 701-706

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Molecular Performance and Antioxidative Manners of Garden Cress under Heavy Metal Toxicity

Asma A.Al-Huqail1, M.M. Ibrahim2,3, Maysa M.A. Hatata3 and Gehan A. Elgaaly1

Pages: 389-396

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Effect of Cultivation Scale and Shear Stress on Cell Growth and Oxytetracycline Production by...

Hoda Omar1, Elsayed A. Elsayed2,3, Ahmed A. Kenawy4,5, Mohamed A. Wadaan2 and Hesham A. El Enshasy5,6*

Pages: 121-128

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Expression Profiles of Fungal Cytochrome P450 Genes: A Mini Review

K.H.M. Nazmul Hussain Nazir1 and Mian Muhammad Awais2

Pages: 81-87

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Low-temperature Degradation Mechanism Analysis of Petroleum Hydrocarbon-degrading Antarctic Psychrophilic Strains

Wang Yi-bin1,2, Liu Fang-ming1,2, Liang Qiang1,2, He Bi-juan3 and Miao Jin-lai1,2*

Pages: 47-53

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Molecular Diagnosis of Microcystin-Producing Cyanobacteria of Anzali Lagoon

Sam Massahi1*, Mohammad Hassan Shahhosseiny2,3 and Mozhgan Emtiazjou1

Pages: 403-412

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