Expression of Nrf2 in Macrophage (RAW264.7) Induced by Serum of Burn Septic Rat

Jian da Zhou1, Pashupati Babu Pokharel2, Feng Hu1, Wu Xiong1, Ke Cao3, Jin-yan Liu1, Bi-mei Jiang4, Yong Chen5, Rui Liu1* and Can-juan Xiong6*

Pages: 75-85

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Solute Transport in Undisturbed Silt Loam Soil Columns with Preferential Path

Ting Yang1, Beibei Zhou1,2* and Quanjiu Wang1,2*

Pages: 335-344

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Review Separation and Purification of Proteins with Chromatography Applications

Huizhi Zhang1, Daidi Fan1*, Jianjun Deng1, Xiaoxuan Ma1, Chenghui Zhu1 and Wenjiao Xue2

Pages: 07-12

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The Study on Local Thermo-therapy with CT Measure Temperature: the Pharmacokinetics Study of Iohexolthermosensitive...

Zhang Bin-gjie1*, Li Mu1, Gao Jing2, Zeng Yong2, Yu Fei3 and Zhuang Lu-ning3

Pages: 369-374

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Formulation of Carboxyl-Functioned Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetically Guided Aeromonos sp. F3 Separation

Siriguleng Qian, Hongying Wang, Wenjing Pang, Chunzhi Zhang and Lina Cong*

Pages: 3043-3050

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Molecular Detection of Brucella spp. in the Semen, Testis and Blood Samples of Cattle...

Faham Khamesipour1,3*, Abbas Doosti2 and Hamed Taheri3

Pages: 495-500

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Preparation of Monovalent Circular ssDNA Aptamer Using Rolling Circle Amplification Method

Huiyong Yang1,2, Li Yang1,2, Junsheng lin1, 2, 3 and Yong Diao1,2*

Pages: 481-485

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