Clinicomycological Study of Dermatophytosis in Tertiary Care Hospital

G.K. Mangala1, N.R. Chandrappa1 and V. Vijayanath2

Pages: 493-495

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Assessment of Bacterial Load in Tube Wells, Filling Stations and Drinking Water Sources of...

Najimaana Wani1, Asif Iqbal2* Manzoor Ahmad3 and S.K. Kotwal1

Pages: 487-492

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Estimation of Serum Vitamin C in Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Manishi Singh1, M.P. Singh2 and Manika Singh3

Pages: 483-486

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Prevalence and Seasonality of Fowl Typhoid in Kashmir Valley

S.N. Shah*, S. Kamil and M. Shahnawaz

Pages: 479-482

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Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Amongst the Patients in Burns Unit

A.R. Hanumanthappa1*, V.L. Jayasimha2, G. Vishwanath1 and V. Vijayanath

Pages: 475-478

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Bacteriological Examination of MCD Drinking Water with Reference to Coliforms

S. Darakshan, S.P. Wani and V. Raghavan

Pages: 471-473

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Cutaneous Manifestations in HIV Infected Patients in Rural Area

Rupali J. Mali1, Archana B. Wankhade1, Dnyaneshwari P. Ghadage1, Vrishali A. Muley1 and Arvind V. Bhore2

Pages: 467-470

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