Influence of Circadian Variation on the Pharmacokinetics of the Components of da-cheng-qi Decoction

Juan Li, Han-Lin Gong, Yan-Yi Ren, Mei-Hua Wan, Xi Huang and Wen-Fu Tang*

Pages: 147-154

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The Ascorbic Acid Production in Root, Root Nodule and in Culture by Rhizobium sp....

Pallab Ghosh1, Sisir Ghosh1, Pradipta Saha2, Shanmugn Mayilraj3 and Tushar Kanti Maiti1*

Pages: 241-248

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Production of Monascus Pigments on Durian Seed: Effect of Supplementation of Carbon Source

Ignatius Srianta1,2*, Yohana Novita2 and Netty Kusumawati2

Pages: 59-63

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Estimation of Serum Vitamin C in Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Manishi Singh1, M.P. Singh2 and Manika Singh3

Pages: 483-486

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Respiratory Viruses in Gazelles at King Khalid Wildlife Research Centre: Serological Investigation and Surveillance

Mohammed S. Al-Saggaf1, Omar H.M. Shair2, Rashead M. Al-ssum2 and William Macasero1

Pages: 53-58

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Cutaneous Manifestations in HIV Infected Patients in Rural Area

Rupali J. Mali1, Archana B. Wankhade1, Dnyaneshwari P. Ghadage1, Vrishali A. Muley1 and Arvind V. Bhore2

Pages: 467-470

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Isolaton of Soft Corals Associated Fungi from Andaman and Nicobar Marine Water and Screening...

Aparanji Poosarla1*, C.D.S.L.N. Tulasi1 and P.R. Rajan2

Pages: 221-229

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Assessment of Chromium Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Tannery Waste Contaminated Soil in the Region...

Hanane Sayel, Wifak Bahafid, Nezha Tahiri Joutey, Khalid Derraz and Naima El Ghachtouli*

Pages: 103-109

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