Enzyme Profile of AM Fungi and Pgprs Inoculated and Uninoculated Indigofera sp

S.K. Sundar1, A. Palavesam2, V. Mohan3 and B. Parthipan*

Pages: 743-747

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Study of Resistance of Indigenous Bacteria Involved in the Process of Copper Bioleaching to...

S. Mohseni1, M. Karkhane1, S. Sepehr1, S. Hosseinkhani2 and R. Marzban3

Pages: 603-609

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Isolation and Characterization of Vegetable Oil Degrading Bacteria

P. Prajakta Kamble*, A. Avinash Raut and M.B. Gandhi

Pages: 887-890

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Infantile Diarrhea: With Special Reference to E. coli

Dipti Sundar Mohanty1, Sukantibala Mohapatra2 and Pravas Ranjan Misra1

Pages: 1019-1021

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Enzymatic Deinking of Old News Paper(ONP) by Cellulases Produced by Various Fungal Strains

Nitin Verma*, Mukesh C. Bansal and Vivek Kumar

Pages: 749-754

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The Influence of Metallo-Beta-Lactamase Production and Predisposing Risk Factors on Mortality in Pseudomonas aeruginosa...

K.V. Yogeesha Babu1, H.P. Niranjan1, V. Vijayanath2, M.R. Anitha3 and G.M. Raju2

Pages: 761-768

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Bacteriocin and Cellulose Production by Lactic Acid Bacteria from Raw Cow Milk

K. Karthiga Devi*, K. Moorthy, N. Thajuddin, S. Boobathy and P. Prabakaran

Pages: 997-1001

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