Knowledge, Attitude, Perception and Psychological Status of Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Outbreak in Libya:...

Mawada Bashir Ahmed Lagaa1*, Mohammed Abdelfatah Alhoot2 and Mohammed Faez Baobaid2

Article: 7594 | Pages: 1370-1383

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Control of Tomato Wilt Disease Fungus Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. Lycopersicon by Single or Combine...

Nawaf I. Alshammari1, Randa S. Bairum2, Abdel Moneim E. Sulieman1*, Arshad Jamal1, Muna Alamoudi1, Hassan B. Elamin3and Vajid Nettoor Veettil4

Article: 7634 | Pages: 1362-1369

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Development of Multiplex-PCR Method to Detect Three Bacterial Species in Food and their Use...

Elgadafey Bashir H. Ahmed1, Nazik M. Eltayeb2, Mohamed Osman Elamin3*, Tassnym H. Sinky3, Ali M. Alshehri3, Ahmed A. Osman3 and Mashael S. Alfaifi3

Article: 7618 | Pages: 1350-1361

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Comparison of Fungal Fluorescent Staining and ITS rDNA PCR-based Sequencing with Conventional Methods for...

Amal F. Makled1, Mabrouk M. Ghonaim1, Sahar A.M. Ali1, Sally Mohammed ElHefnawy2, Mona Salah Sabal1* and Asmaa Mohammed Elbrolosy1

Article: 7597 | Pages: 1337-1349

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Production of a Polyketide Pigment by Fusarium chlamydosporum

Tessy Anu Thomas1 and Sharmila Tirumale2*

Article: 7621 | Pages: 1318-1329

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Correlation of TNF-α, IFN-γ and TGF-β Expression with In-vitro Fertilization Success Rates in Women...

Islam Khaled Ali Harby1, Ola Ibrahim Ahmed1, Wafaa K. Zaki1, Mohammed Ahmed Faris2 and Noha Nagi Salah El-Deen1*

Article: 7574 | Pages: 1307-1317

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Serum Levels of Chemokine Ligand-7 and Interferon-γ-induced Protein-10: Possible Severity and Prognostic Markers in...

Rania Ahmed Hassan1, Mona A. Khattab1*, Hieba Gamal Ezzelregal2, Heba Mohamed Tawfik3, Shimaa Hussien Gadallah4, Dalia Hosni Abdelhamid5 and Yasmin Mohamed Ahmed1

Article: 7537 | Pages: 1298-1306

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Response Surface Methodology for Optimization Membrane Disruption Using Thermolysis in Lipase Lk2 and Lk3

Titin Haryati1,3, Made Puspasari Widhiastuty2, Fida Madayanti Warganegara2 and Akhmaloka2,4*

Article: 7677 | Pages: 1274-1283

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