In Silico Approach to Elucidate Factors Associated with GH1 β-Glucosidase Thermostability

Amer Ahmed1*, Ayesha Sumreen2, Aasia Bibi3, Faiz ul Hassan Nasim2 and Kashfa Batool2

Article: 5947 |   Pages: 1953-1968

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Lettuce Production under Reduced Levels of N-fertilizer in the Presence of Plant Growth-promoting Bacillus...

Wilson Story Venancio1, Juliana Marcolino Gomes2, Andre Shigueyoshi Nakatani2, Mariangela Hungria3 and Ricardo Silva Araujo2*

Article: 5910 |   Pages: 1941-1952

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Prevalence of Antibiotic-resistant Salmonella in Vegetables and Fermented Foods and their Control by Lactic...

Nawarat Rattanadilok na Phuket1, Surasak Siripornadulsil1,3 and Wilailak Siripornadulsil1,2,3*

Article: 5851 | Pages: 1929-1939

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Characteristics of Microbial Community Structure at the Seafloor Surface of the Nankai Trough

Noriko Okita1,2,5, Toshihiro Hoaki1,3, Sinya Suzuki4 and Masashi Hatamoto2*

Article: 5785 |   Pages: 1917-1928

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Fabrication and Characterization of Antibacterial Titanium Dioxide Nanorods Incorporating Gellan Gum Films

Mohd Hasmizam Razali*, Nur Arifah Ismail and Khairul Anuar Mat Amin

Article: 5729 |   Pages: 1909-1916

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Assessment of Heterotrophic Nitrification Capacity in Bacillus spp. and its Potential Application in the...

Luz Fernanda Dominguez Mendoza1*, Juan Gerardo Quimi Mujica2, Jenny Maribel Risco Cunayque2, Gino Wilmer Aroni Lucana3, Jefferson Javier Intriago Angulo2, Veronica Inיs Sernaquי De la Cruz1, Virna Alexia Cedeסo Escobar1 and Eric Mialhe Matonnier1

Article: 5977 |   Pages: 1893-1908

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In vitro Resistance Pattern of Selected Antifungal Azoles against Candida albicans Biofilms on Silicone...

Derick Erl P. Sumalapao1,2*, Pauline Bridgette D. Salazar2,3, Frederico Martin D. Alegre2,3, Nelson R. Villarante4 and Nina G. Gloriani5

Article: 5862 | Pages: 1881-1891

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