Extracellular Synthesis of Eco-friendly Bio Silver Nanoparticles by using Seaweeds from Arabian Gulf, Saudi...

Mohamed M. Ibrahim1,2, Gehan A. El-Gaaly1, Ashraf M. Hatmla1 and Mohamed S. El-Shickc1

Pages: 817-824

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High Levels of Multidrug Resistance in Surgical Wound Isolates of Escherichia coli

Esra Deniz Candan1, Neslihan Idil1, Abbas Yousefi Rad2 and Nilüfer Aksoz1

Pages: 441-446

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Fatty Acids and Lipids Biosynthesis in Yeast and Plants

Mohammed A.T. Abdel-Reheem1,2*

Pages: 263-272

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