A Study of Various Biochemical Parameters of Lipid Metabolism in Renal Disorders

Manishi Singh*, S.P. Singh and B.K. Agarwal

Pages: 401-404

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Bioreduction of Hexavalent Chromium in a Non-nutritive Medium by Chromium Resistant Bacterial Isolates

V. Mishra, D.P. Samantaray*, S.K. Dash, A.K. Sethi and B.B. Mishra

Pages: 395-399

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Optimization of PCR-Multiplex Protocol for Diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (dmd)

M.L. Chandrika*, Anuradha Udumudi and S.A. Mastan

Pages: 387-393

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Dengue Duo Rapid Test: A Valuable Screening Test for Dengue Outbreak

V.L. Jayasimha, K.G. Basavarajappa, K.V. Yogesh Babu, H.P. Niranjan and V. Vijayanath1

Pages: 381-385

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Immunogenicity of Acellular Pertussis Vaccine

K. Rupnath1*, A.L. Jayasri2, M. Rojarani3, V. Suresh4 and M. Raghuram4

Pages: 377-380

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Isolation and Identification of Arsenic Resistant Bacteria from Polluted Water of Ghaziabad Region

Avneesh Kumar, Santosh Kumar, Sandeep Kumar and Vikas Kumar

Pages: 371-375

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Effect of Salt and Chlorine on Microflora of Fish at Erwadi Fish Landing Site,...

P. Prabakaran1, V. Pradeepa1 and M. Anand2

Pages: 365-369

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Isolation and Characterization of Vegetable Oil Degrading Yeasts

Prajakta P. Kamble*, Avinash A. Raut and M.B. Gandhi

Pages: 355-358

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Screening of Native Bacteria Isolated from Tea Garden Soil of South Assam for their...

Pratibha Huidrom*, Bibhas Rajkumar and G.D. Sharma

Pages: 349-353

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