Bacteriological Investigation in Three Different Ponds of Irongmara, Cachar District, Assam

Bibhas Rajkumar, Nivedita Chakraborty and G.D. Sharma

Pages: 241-246

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Optimization of Acid Blue 74 Biodegradation by the Newly Isolated Pseudomonas sp

S. Illanjiam1, D. Arunachalam Kantha2 and D. Ragunathan3

Pages: 105-110

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Glycaemic Index and Load of Acha (Fonio) in Healthy and Diabetic Subjects

J.O. Alegbejo1, D.A. Ameh2, W.N. Ogala1 and S. Ibrahim2

Pages: 117-122

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Screening of Native Bacteria Isolated from Tea Garden Soil of South Assam for their...

Pratibha Huidrom*, Bibhas Rajkumar and G.D. Sharma

Pages: 349-353

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Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C Virus in Diagnostic Patients and Blood Donors in and Around...

K.G. Raghu Kumar1, R. Eshwar Singh2, N.R. Chandrappa2, A.R. Hanumanthappa2, V. Vijayanath3 and M.R. Anitha4

Pages: 275-279

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Antibacterial Potential of Phyllanthus niruri L.

P. Sumathi and A. Parvathi*

Pages: 425-428

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Incidence of Beta Lactamases in Gram Negative Bacilli in Diabetic foot Infection and the...

C.S. Vinodkumar1, H. Srinivasa2, K.G. Basavarajappa3 and Nitin Bandekar4

Pages: 123-129

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Extraction and Antibacterial Evaluation of Some Extracts of Tridax procumbens

Asmita D. Jadhav*, T.B. Sawant Mahesh and S. Chavadar

Pages: 343-347

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