A Study on Biopotentials of Fermented Tea

B. Mohana Gandhi and C. Angaleswari*

Pages: 695-699

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Study of Virulence Markers of E. coli Isolated from U.T.I.

Suvarna Joshi1, Yagnesh Thakar2* and Ashok Gomashe1

Pages: 679-683

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Bioload Reducing Potential of Neem

Subramani1 and Rajendran2

Pages: 675-678

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The Effect of Homa Emmisions on pH of the Nutrient Medium

Gururaj H. Pagad1, D. Radhakrishna2 and H.R. Nagendra1

Pages: 667-674

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Production of poly-(3-hydroxybutyrate) by Native Bacillus Isolates from Agricultural Wastes

M. Thirumala*, S. Vishnuvardhan Reddy and S.K. Mahmood

Pages: 655-660

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