Biochemical Analysis of HIV and HBV Infected Pregnant Women in Minna, Nigeria

I.S. Ndams1, I.A. Joshua2, S.A. Luka1, H.O. Sadiq1, S. Adewumi1 and E. Bawa3

Pages: 473-476

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The Effect of Homa Emmisions on pH of the Nutrient Medium

Gururaj H. Pagad1, D. Radhakrishna2 and H.R. Nagendra1

Pages: 667-674

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Prevalence and Multi Drug Resistance Pattern of Uro Pathogens in Tribal and Tea Garden...

K. Raja Pandiyan1, S. Shanthi2, P. Raja1, J.S. Gnanaraj Jesudian1 and S. Madhavan3*

Pages: 617-624

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Thermostable Alkaline Protease from a Soil Isolate of Alkalophilic Bacillus species

C. Vijaya*, D. Vani, G. Jayabalan and A. Babu Thandapani

Pages: 643-648

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Synthesis of α,β-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compound and Effect on Antifungal and Antibacterial Activity

Raymond C. Jagessar1, S. Gomathinayagam2*, N. Balasubramanian3, V. Shanmugaiah3 and P.T. Manoharan4

Pages: 415-420

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Profile and Knowledge of Food Hygiene and Safety of Food Handlers in a University...

I.A. Joshua, S.K. Musa, A. Otu, M. Andrew and M.S. Abubakar

Pages: 489-493

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Escalating emergence of Fluoroquinolone-Resistant Strains of Vibrio cholerae O1 and O139 Among Hospitalized Patients...

Hemant Kumar Khuntia, Surya Kanta Samal, Rajesh Kumar Sahoo, Santanu Kumar Kar and Bibhuti Bhusan Pal*

Pages: 811-814

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