Antiphytoviral Potentialities of Algal Extracts against Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Abdel-Moneim M. Galal1 and Idris M. Al-Turk2

Pages: 85-90

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Antibacterial Activity of Swertia chirata Buch.-Hams. A highly valuable medicinal herb

K. Balaraju1, S. Arokiyaraj1, P. Agastian1, N. Thomas Paulraj1 and S. Ignacimuthu2

Pages: 223-226

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In vitro antibacterial activity of Enicostema littorale plant extracts

Manohar V. Padul and Vasudeo P. Zambare*

Pages: 245-247

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Trend of Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Okene

H.O. Ajoge1*, A.A. Ahmad1 and O.S. Olonitola1

Pages: 119-124

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Microbial Growth in Stored Human Breast Milk

O.F. Olukunle* and F.C. Adetuyi

Pages: 63-68

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