Cadmium resistant actinomycetes isolated from agricultural fields

Syed G. Dastager1-3, Wen-Jun Li2, Dayanand Agasar3, Jae-Chan Lee1, Dong-Jin Park1 and Chang-Jin Kim1

Pages: 11-18

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Bacteriology and Sensitivity profile Bacterial agents responsible for Neonatal Septicaemia in a tertiary hospital...

E.E. Ella*, A.A. Ahmad1, W.N. Ogala2, V.J. Umoh1 and R. Aliyu-Zubair3

Pages: 103-108

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Antimicrobial activity of Leaf extracts of Pterocarpus santalinus L. (Fabaceae)

K. Balaraju1, S. Arokiyaraj1, P. Agastian1*, K. Perinbam1 and S. Ignacimuthu2

Pages: 161-164

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Antiphytoviral Potentialities of Algal Extracts against Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Abdel-Moneim M. Galal1 and Idris M. Al-Turk2

Pages: 85-90

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Act-2 A, B and C New Antibiotics from Soil Screened Streptomyces species

V. Murugamani1*, T. Bharathi2 and K.N. Jayaveera3

Pages: 171-180

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Incidence, Serotype, Antibiogram and Toxigenicity of Vibrio cholerae during 2000, Six Month after the...

Hemant Kumar Khuntia1, Surya Kanta Samal1, Sudeep Ranjan Nayak2, Ashok Kumar Sarangi3, Priyabrata Mohanty4, Santanu Kumar Kar1 and Bibhuti Bhusan Pal1*

Pages: 197-204

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Antibiotic Sensitivity, Carbohydrate Fermentation Characteristics and Plasmid Profiles of Glucansucrase Producing four Leuconostoc Strains

Ravi Kiran Purama, Mayur Agrawal, Avishek Majumder, Shadab Ahmed and Arun Goyal*

Pages: 139-146

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