Alkaline Polysaccharidases Produced in Solid State Cultures by Alkalophilic Fungi Isolated from Argentina

N.L. Rojas1, S.F. Cavalitto1-2, M. Cabello3, R.A. Hours1 and C.E. Voget1*

Pages: 01-10

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Incidence and Antimicrobial Sensitivity Assay of Gram Positive Cocci Isolated from Neonates with Suspected...

E.E. Ella*, A.A. Ahmad1, W.N. Ogala2, V.J. Umoh1 and T.B. Balogun2

Pages: 49-56

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Antimicrobial activity of Leaf extracts of Pterocarpus santalinus L. (Fabaceae)

K. Balaraju1, S. Arokiyaraj1, P. Agastian1*, K. Perinbam1 and S. Ignacimuthu2

Pages: 161-164

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Antibiotic Sensitivity, Carbohydrate Fermentation Characteristics and Plasmid Profiles of Glucansucrase Producing four Leuconostoc Strains

Ravi Kiran Purama, Mayur Agrawal, Avishek Majumder, Shadab Ahmed and Arun Goyal*

Pages: 139-146

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