A Novel Strategy for Removal of Pathogenic Bacteria for Wastewater Treatment

Taha A. Tewfike1*, Hanaa H.A. Gomaa2 and Entsar A. Nassar3

Pages: 129-137

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Novel Medical Properties of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Oil against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Fady F. Abd El-Malek*, Amany S. Youssef and Samy A. El- Aassar

Pages: 121-128

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Endophytic Fungi Occurring in Moringa ovalifolia in the Tsumeb Area of Namibia

D.H. Haiyambo, B. Chisenga, P.M. Chimwamurombe*, I. Mapaure and P.B. Nuuyoma

Pages: 89-93

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Occurrence of Important Mucormycosis Agents in the Soil of Populous Areas of Isfahan and...

Ardeshir Ziaee1, Mohammadali Zia2*, Mansour Bayat1 and Jamal Hashemi3

Pages: 81-88

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Marker Assisted Development of Effective Fertility Restorers Suitable for Use in Temperate Three-line Hybrids

Gazala H. Khan1, Arpit Gaur1, Asif B. Shikari1*, S. Najeeb2, G.A. Parray2, M.A. Ganai2, Ashaq Hussain2, Asif Iqbal2, Shafiq A. Wani3 and L.K. Sharma4

Pages: 73-80

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Evaluation of Microorganisms of Drinking Water of Rafha City, Northern Borders, Saudi Arabia

A.A. Abdel Haleem1,2*, S.K. Hemida1,3 and M.M. Abdellatif1,4

Pages: 61-71

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