Effect of Thymus vulgaris on Initial Cell Attachment and Preformed Biofilm of Salmonella...

Ivana Cabarkapa1*, Marija Skrinjar2, Jovanka Levic1, Nevena Blagojev2, Bojana Kokic1 and Ljiljana Suvajdzic3

Pages: 123-129

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LC-MS/MS Detection of Central Carbon Metabolism using the Collision Fragments Method

Bin Rui1#, Han Wen1#*, Yongkang Wang1, Wenfeng Wang2, Chen Zhang1, Kuanchao Zhang1, Yadong Fan1, Yifan Xie1 and Hongxian Zhang1

Pages: 115-122

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Morphological and Lethal Effects of D-Leu on the Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri

Yulong Chen1, Zhongkang Wang1, Zhenji Wang2, Qinyan Xia1 and Youping Yin1*

Pages: 105-113

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Genetic Variability Analysis for the Selection of Drought-Tolerant Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Germplasm as...

Ehab M.R. Metwali1,2, Reinhold Carle1,3, Ralf M. Schweiggert3, Omar A. Almaghrabi1 and Naif M. Kaddasa1

Pages: 79-95

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Molecular Identification and Characterization of Phenol – Degrading Bacteria from Oil-Contaminated Sea Water

Hend Abdulhameed Hamedo1*, Aliaa Ragab El-Shamy2 and Hassan Mohamed Awad2

Pages: 71-78

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The Relationship Between Environmental Abundant Electromagnetic Fields and Packaging Shape to their Effects on...

Maher A. A. Abdelsamie1*, Russly b Abdul Rahman1,2,3*, Shuhaimi Mustafa1 and Dzulkifly Hashim1

Pages: 55-69

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Comparative Evaluation of Garlic (S-allylcysteine) and Reduced Glutathione in Mitigating the Toxopathologic ...

Kanchan Bhatia*, Diana Ali Hmoud Al-Quwaie, Nizamuddin Farooqui and Saif Ahmad

Pages: 49-54

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In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Camellia sinensis L and Erica multiflora L used...

Abdelkader Benhelima1,2, Zohra Kaid-Omar1,3 and Ahmed Addou1

Pages: 39-48

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Cloning, Expression in Escherichia coli and Purification of the Resveratrol Synthase Gene from Arachis...

Erhao Zhang2#, Xuefeng Guo2#, Zhifen Meng1*, Feng Tang2, Jin Wang2, Jia Sun2, Xi Yao2 and Hang Xun2

Pages: 31-37

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