Combined T-RFLP and 16s rRNA Gene Library Analyse the Microbial Diversity in Changbai Mountain...

Honglei Wang1, 3, Wei Bing1, Xiaoli Zhou1, Yan Feng1,2* and Zuoming Zhang1*

Pages: 181-187

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Biological Management of Sclerotinia Rot of Bean through Enhanced Host Defense Responses Triggered by...

Ratul Moni Ram1*, Akansha Jain2, Akanksha Singh2 and Harikesh Bahadur Singh1

Pages: 523-532

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Antifungal Activity of Camptothecin Extracted from Mappia foetida against Disease causing Pathogens in Pomegranate...

K.D. Kulkarni1, K.S. Raghuwanshi1*, R.M. Naik2, S.G. Borkar1 and V. P. Chimote3

Pages: 329-334

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Plasmid Borne opd Gene in Myroides odoratimimus SKS05- GRD for Degradation of Dimethoate

T. Shanmuga Priya, A. Saranya, R. Nitya Meenakshi, M.S. Jebil, K.A. Nidhiya and Suganthi Ramasamy*

Pages: 413-418

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A Review on the Impact of Exotoxicology and Oil Spills in Mangrove of Saudi...

Nizam Uddin Farooqui1*, Dhafer Ahmed Al Zahrani1, El Metwally M. Selim1 and C.B.S. Dangi2

Pages: 549-556

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Decolorization of SN4R Dye by a Recombinant Laccase from Pichia pastoris

Miao-Miao Zheng1, Shu-Li Shao1*, Hong-Wei Yi2, Peng Wu1, Bo Li1, Ying Zhai1, Zhan-Zhan Jiao1 and Lin-Gang Zhang1

Pages: 01-08

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Detection of Sugarcane Mosaic Virus in Diseased Sugarcane using ELISA and RT-PCR Technique

A.S. Thorat1,3, R.K. Pal1, P.R. Shingote1,2*, S.B Kharte1,2, V.M. Nalavade1,2, D.R. Dhumale1, B.H. Pawar1 and K.H. Babu1

Pages: 319-327

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Seasonal Variation Investigations on Diversity of Some Freshwater Diatoms of Kumaon Region, Uttarakhand State...

Rajveer Singh Chauhan1*, Bharti Singh2, Deepmala Katiyar3 and P.K. Misra1

Pages: 367-376

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