Molecular Detection of Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina in Vector Ticks, Boophilus microplus Collected...

Sumiara Shams1, Sultan Ayaz2, Naser M. AbdEl-Salam3, Sadaf Niaz1 and Riaz Ullah4

Pages: 675-680

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Evaluation of Tecoma stans and Callistemon viminalis Extracts against Potato Soft Rot Bacteria In...

Nader A. Ashmawy1, Said I. Behiry2, Hayssam M. Ali3,4* and Mohamed Z.M. Salem5

Pages: 667-673

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Impact of Microorganisms Strains on Diversity of Epiphytes of Tomato Seeds

Tatiana Melnychuk1, Tatiana Parkhomenko1, Evgenii Andronov2, Volodymyr Patyka3 and Antonina Kalinichenko4,5

Pages: 651-655

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Assay of Antagonistic Bacteria of Single Isolate and Combination to Control Seedling-off in Chili...

Dwi Suryanto1, Muhammad Asril1, Erman Munir1 and Emmy Harso Kardhinata2

Pages: 645-650

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Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Novel 8-Hydroxy-7-Iodoquinoline-5-Sulfonamide Derivatives

Nagy M. Khalifa1,2*, Ahmad Eweas2,3, Mohamed A. Al-Omar1 and Wael Hozzein4,5

Pages: 629-637

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Genetic Studies of Various Morphological Traits in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Muhammad Ashfaq1, Abdul Rasheed2, Muhammad Rizwan2, Muhammad Noor2, Urooj Mubashar3, Husnain Mubashar3, Muhammad Ali1, Amna Ali1, Iqra Saleem1 and Muhammad Sajjad4

Pages: 623-628

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Physical, Chemical and Microbial Changes during the Composting of Conocarpus erectus Residues

Ahmed Ismail Khalil1,2*, Fahad Nasser Alkoaik1, MajdiAli Al-Mahasneh1, Ronnel Blanqueza Fulleros1 and Ahmed Mohamed El-Waziry3

Pages: 611-622

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Biological Activity of Anisotes trisulcus Extract as Antioxidant and its Effect on Blood Sugar...

Mohmmad K. Okla1*, Ahmed M. Rady2, Walid Soufan3, Mohammed Albjja4 and Mohamed S. Ahmed5

Pages: 605-609

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