Decolorization of Azo Dye by Enteropathogenic Eschericha coli Strains Isolated from Wastewater

E. Chavez Bravo1, G. Valencia Toxqui2, J.A. Rivera Tapia1, E.I. Castaneda Roldan1 and A.I.A. Alonso Calderon3

Pages: 37-42

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Antibacterial Bio-Active Compounds Isolated by GC-MS Analysis of Tribulus terrestris L. Fruits

Mohamed M. Ibrahim1,2, Amal Hazani1, Afaf Shehata1 and Gehan A. Elgaaly1

Pages: 769-773

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A Study on Isolation and Characterization of Pasteurella multocida for Clinically Positive Cases of...

Asma Ashraf2, Shahid Mahboob1,2, Tayyaba Huma3 and Muhammad Salahuddin Shah4

Pages: 561-571

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Biological Activity of Calligonum comosum Extracts as Antibacterial and Antioxidant

Mohmmad K. Okla1*, Abdulrahman A. Alatar1, Ahmed K. Hegazy1 and Ahmed Rady2

Pages: 529-534

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Impact of Microorganisms Strains on Diversity of Epiphytes of Tomato Seeds

Tatiana Melnychuk1, Tatiana Parkhomenko1, Evgenii Andronov2, Volodymyr Patyka3 and Antonina Kalinichenko4,5

Pages: 651-655

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Production and Partial Purification of Laccase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa ADN04

T. Arunkumar1*, D. Alex Anand2 and G. Narendrakumar3

Pages: 727-731

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Streptomyces griseorubens E44G: A Potent Antagonist Isolated from Soil in Saudi Arabia

Abdulaziz A. Al-Askar1, Waleed M. Abdulkhair2, Younes M. Rashad3, Elsayed E. Hafez3, Khalid M. Ghoneem4 and Zakaria A. Baka5

Pages: 221-230

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