In vitro Selection and Characterization of Drought-tolerant of some Fig (Ficus carica L.) Plants...

Ehab M.R. Metwali1,2, Hemaid I.A. Soliman3, S.M. Howladar4, H.S. Al-Zahrani1 and M.P. Fuller5

Pages: 4373-4384

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Characterization of Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria Isolated from Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil

Muhammad Ammar Athar1, Ali Akbar2,4*, Yasir Hayat Khan2, Imran Ali3,5, Uqba Mehmood1, Anjum Naseem Sabri1 and Shahida Hasnain1

Pages: 4509-4516

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Optimization of Growth Parameters for Elevated Production of Mycoprotein – Fusarium venenatum ...

P. Prakash, S. Karthick Raja Namasivayam* and G. Narendrakumar

Pages: 4843-4849

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Determination of Microbial Load Associated with Spoilage of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) under Storage

Rahila Hafeez, Uzma Bashir*, Amna Ali and Muhammad Saleem Haider

Pages: 4415-4420

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Microbial Phytotoxins as Bioherbicide

Devendra Singh1, Rajendra Prasad Meena2, Sukumar Taria3 and Geeta Singh*

Pages: 4939-4946

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Antimicrobial Activity and Bioactive Compounds of Persian Gulf Sea Cucumber (Holothuria leucospilota)

Farideh Namvar12*, , Alireza Khodavandi3, Fahimeh Alizadeh4, Javad Baharara2, Sadi Bayat5, Mozhgan Soltani6, Rosfarizan Mohamad1,7, Susan Azizi8 and Heshu Sulaiman Rahman9

Pages: 4455-4463

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Management of Stem Gall Disease in Coriander using Pseudomonas and Trichoderma (Bioagents) and Fungicides

Gagan Kumar1, 2, S.K. Yadav3*, J.S. Patel3, A. Sarkar1 and L.P. Awasthi2

Pages: 4975-4978

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In vitroand In vivo Safety Assessment of Bifidobacterium longum BBMN68, A Potential Probiotic Isolated...

Ming Zhang1, Ai-ping Liu2,3, Jingli Jiang2,3, Lu Jiang2 and Fazheng Ren2*

Pages: 4273-4280

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Antimicrobial Evaluation of Different Wild and Commercial Mushroom Species

Sumaira Sharif1*, Muhammad Shahid1, Munir Ahmad Sheikh1 and Sajjad ur Rehman2

Pages: 4565-4571

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Bioconversion of Vegetable and Agricultural Waste in Biogas using Cow Dung as Co-substrate

Gunjan Goel1,2*, Mamta Raghav1, Srikant Kaushik2 and Vikas Beniwal2

Pages: 4979-4982

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