Biodegradation of β-lactam Antibiotic ‘Ampicillin’ by White Rot Fungi from Aqueous Solutions

Ramasamy Rajesh Kumar1, Bong Ju Park1*, Hae Ran Jeong, Jae Taek Lee and Jae Young Cho2*

Pages: 3163-3169

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Isolation and Identification of Methicillin-resistance Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from Nasal of College Students

Razieh Amini1,2, Abdulamir AS3, Nurul Azreen B. Mustaffa4, Fatemeh Jahanshiri4, Beh Poay Ling4,5, Ali Hematian6, Morvat Taheri-Kalani6, Yasaman Amini7, Iraj Pakzad6, Zamberi Sekawi5 and Farid Azizi Jalilian6*

Pages: 3155-3162

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Determination of Fatty Acid Contents of Five Wild Edible Mushroom Species Collected from Anatolia

Ilgaz Akata1, Pelin Gunc Ergonul2, Bulent Ergonul2 and Fatih Kalyoncu3

Pages: 3143-3147

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A Fungal Infection Caused by Lagenidium sp. and its Control Measures in Hatchery Reared...

Sheikh Aftab Uddin1*, Chowdhury Kamrul Hasan2, Mohammad Nurul Azim Sikder1 and M. Ali Hossain2

Pages: 3137-3142

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Characterization of the β-Tubulin Genes from Stemphylium Species

Daye Huang1, Yanxia Shi2, Xuewen Xie2, Weiping Wang1 and Baoju Li2*

Pages: 3131-3135

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Proteomic and Genetic Diversity of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Isolates from South Korea

Abhijit K. Barate1, Gyu-Seong Jang1, Seongbeom Cho2 and Tae-Wook Hahn1*

Pages: 3125- 3129

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Selection of the Optimal Association Between Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeasts in Chinese Sourdoughs

Guo Qing He1,2*, GuoHua Zhang2, Lucie Vuillame3, Leqin Ke1, Hui Ruan2 and Qihe Chen2

Pages: 3121-3124

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Study of Microbial Distribution in the Arid Desert Terrain, Beishan Mountains Area, Gansu

Mei Liu1, Xiaoming Chen1,2*, E Zhang1, Chao Wang1, Chen Ruan1, Yan Xu1, Xiaoling Liu1 and Xuegang Luo1,2

Pages: 3111-3119

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Bioaugmentation of Oil-degradation Bacteria Isolated from the Petroleum-contaminated Soil

Lina Qu1,2, Mingming Tu1, Hongbai Jia1 and Qiuyu Wang1*

Pages: 3105-3109

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