Multiplex PCR Assay for Detection of VHSV, IPNV and IHNV in Eyed Egg, Fry...

Firooz Fadaeifard1*, Mehdi Raissy1 and Hassan Momtaz2

Pages: 2839-2844

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A Study on Mycotic Diversity of Tannery Effluent and Chromium Adsorption Capability

S. Deepa1*, K. Valivittan1, Indira Vincent2 and C.S. Tharadevi3

Pages: 3267-3273

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Role of Lys59 and Lys386 of Streptokinase from Type 12 Group A Streptococcus on...

Efrida Martius1, Ariestia Mardjuki1, Ernawati Giri-Rahman2, Catur Riani1, Yeyet Cahyati1 and Debbie S. Retnoningrum1

Pages: 2617-2627

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Proteome Analysis of Pseudomonas putida F1 Biofilms on Two Substrata

Junjun Liu1, Xiao Zhang1, Yuzhen Zhang1, Jeremy R. Mason2 and Honglei Liu1*

Pages: 2463-2471

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In vitro Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of New Pregnane Glycosides and Pregnanes Isolated...

Kommidi Devendar Reddy1*, Kandappa Himakar Reddy2, Ghanakota Venkateshwer Rao3, Moodley Brenda1, Govender Patrick2 and Neil Anthony Koorbanally1

Pages: 2707-2712

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Removal of Some Textile Dyes from Aqueous Solution by using a Catalase-Peroxidase from Aeribacillus...

P. Taslimi1, H. Nadaroglu2*, A. Adiguzel1*, C. Bozoglu1 and M. Gulluce3

Pages: 2629-2640

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Codon Optimization, Cloning and Expression of Interleukin 11 in Two Different E. coli Systems

Nima Montazeri-Najafabady1,2, Younes Ghasemi1,2,* Mohammad Ali Mobasher1,2, Abdollah Ghasemian1,2, Sara Rasoul-Amini1,2,3 and Sirus Ebrahimi4

Pages: 2717-2722

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Brucellosis in Cattle and Occupationally Exposed Human Beings: A Serosurvey in Odisha, India

A. Priyadarshini1, L. N. Sarangi, T. K. Palai2, H. K. Panda, R. Mishra and P. C. Behera2

Pages: 3255-3260

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