Isolation and Characterization of Antimicrobial Compound from Bacillus sp. Associated with Gastropods

S. Mary Josephine Punitha1*, N. Viju1, S. Sharmin Vini1, C.V. Sunjaiy Shankar2, M. Michael Babu1 and T. Citarasu1

Pages: 2879-2884

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Study of Microbial Distribution in the Arid Desert Terrain, Beishan Mountains Area, Gansu

Mei Liu1, Xiaoming Chen1,2*, E Zhang1, Chao Wang1, Chen Ruan1, Yan Xu1, Xiaoling Liu1 and Xuegang Luo1,2

Pages: 3111-3119

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Determination of Fatty Acid Contents of Five Wild Edible Mushroom Species Collected from Anatolia

Ilgaz Akata1, Pelin Gunc Ergonul2, Bulent Ergonul2 and Fatih Kalyoncu3

Pages: 3143-3147

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Role of Lys59 and Lys386 of Streptokinase from Type 12 Group A Streptococcus on...

Efrida Martius1, Ariestia Mardjuki1, Ernawati Giri-Rahman2, Catur Riani1, Yeyet Cahyati1 and Debbie S. Retnoningrum1

Pages: 2617-2627

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Different Pesticide Contamination on Biological Properties of Purple Paddy Soil

Xinbin Zhou, Xiaojun Shi* and Lamei Zhang

Pages: 3099-3103

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Purification and Immobilization of Dextransucrase from Immobilized Lactobacillus acidophilus ST76480.01

Aliaa M. El-Borai*, Rania M.A. Abedin, Mona Abo Shall and Samy A. El-Assar

Pages: 2915-2923

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Enhancement of Amphibacillus sp NPST-10 Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferase Production by Optimizing Physio-Environmental Factors

Abdelnasser S. S. Ibrahim1,2*, Ali A. Al-Salamah1, Mohamed A. El-Tayeb1 and Yahya B. El-Badawi1

Pages: 2597-2606

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Pathogenicity of Scleritinia sclerotiorum to Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris, L.) Cultivars

Ashraf A. Hatamleh1, Mohamed El-sheshtawi2, Abdallah M. Elgorban2,3, Ali H. Bahkali1 and Basheer A. Al-Sum1

Pages: 3275-3279

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In vitro Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of New Pregnane Glycosides and Pregnanes Isolated...

Kommidi Devendar Reddy1*, Kandappa Himakar Reddy2, Ghanakota Venkateshwer Rao3, Moodley Brenda1, Govender Patrick2 and Neil Anthony Koorbanally1

Pages: 2707-2712

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