In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Streptomyces against Some Pathogenic Microorganisms

S. Usha Nandhini and M. Masilamani Selvam

Pages: 2295-2300

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Preparation and Characterization of Cutinase Inducible Substrate, and Screening and Selection of Pseudomonas cepacia...

Kasturi Dutta, Hegde Krishnamoorthy and Veeranki Venkata Dasu*

Pages: 2277-2286

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The Role of Bacteria as A Cure for Polluted Rivers in Africa

Amos T. Kabo-Bah* and Xie Yuebo

Pages: 2271-2275

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Production of L-glutaminase by Streptomyces rochei Detected from the Lime Stone Quarries of Deccan...

Mousumi Das1, Dayanand Agsar* and S. Shivaveerakumar

Pages: 2251-2260

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Succession of Eukaryotic Community Microorganism from Cattle Manure during Composting Process

Safika1,2, Fida Madayanti2, Pingkan Aditiawati3 and Akhmaloka2*

Pages: 2233-2241

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Green Biocides against Sulphate Reducing Bacteria and Macrofouling Organisms

Basma A. Omran1, Nesreen A. Fatthalah1, Nour Sh. El-Gendy1*, Einas H. El-Shatoury2 and Mohamed A. Abouzeid2

Pages: 2219-2232

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