High-Yield Levan Produced by Bacillus licheniformis FRI MY-55 in High-Sucrose Medium and Its Prebiotic...

Mei-Ying Huang1, 2, Chia-Fang Lee2, Shu-Ting Ho2, Kin-Jong Lin2 and Chorng-Liang Pan1*

Pages: 1585-1599

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Isolation and Identification of Clostridium chauvoei from Cattle Suffered from Black Quarter

G. Balakrishnan*, G. Ravikumar, Parimal Roy and V. Purushothaman

Pages: 2447-2449

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Antimicrobial Activity of the Various Extracts of Spirulina platensis and GC-MS Analysis

Amal A. Al Hazzani, Afaf I. Shehata, Nadine M.S. Moubayed, Hadeel Jawad Al Houri and Gehan Elgaaly

Pages: 1837-1842

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Green Biocides against Sulphate Reducing Bacteria and Macrofouling Organisms

Basma A. Omran1, Nesreen A. Fatthalah1, Nour Sh. El-Gendy1*, Einas H. El-Shatoury2 and Mohamed A. Abouzeid2

Pages: 2219-2232

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Antibacterial and Phyto-chemical Analysis of Some Medicinal Plants and their Efficacy on Multidrug Resistant...

Sanjay Kumar1, Atul Kumar Singh2, Santosh Kumar Verma3, Richa Misra4 and Chandrabhan Seniya4*

Pages: 2191-2204

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Diagnosis of Enteric Fever by Widal and Two Dot-enzyme Immunoassay: Utility and Difficulties

Manjunath A Hosamani1*, Asha B Patil2, Shobha D Nadagir3, N.S. Madhusudhan4 and Pramod Sambrani5

Pages: 2379-2383

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Antifungal Activity of Rhizome coptidis and Alpinia galangal against Candida species

Alireza Khodavandi1, Nazira Adila Binti Tahzir2, Poh Woon Cheng2, Phelim Yong Voon Chen3, Fahimeh Alizadeh4, Nabil Saad Hrmal5 and Chong Pei Pei2*

Pages: 1725-1730

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DNA Extraction of Mixed Culture Bacteria from Coal-Soil Mixture Cultured by Sequential Enrichment

Megga Ratnasari Pikoli1,2*, Pingkan Aditiawati2, Akhmaloka3 and Dea Indriani Astuti2

Pages: 1737-1742

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