The Biotechnological Potential of Artemia salina Fatty Acids

Meltem Asan Ozusaglam*, Yavuz Selim Cakmak and Murat Kaya

Pages: 1567-1575

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Clonal Lineages and Virulence Factors among Acinetobacter baumannii Isolated from Southwest of Iran

Abbas Bahador1, Abdollah Bazargani2, Mohammad Taheri3, Zahra Hashemizadeh2, Azad Khaledi1, Hossein Rostami1 and Davood Esmaili*

Pages: 1559-1566

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Microbial, Chemical, Textural and Organoloptic Properties of Iranian Fermented Cucumbers by L. plantarum

Zahra Nilchian1*, Sayed H. Razavi2 and Ebrahim Rahimi3

Pages: 1547-1557

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Incidence of Rotavirus and Adenovirus: Detection by Molecular and Immunological Methods in Human Faeces

Andreia Ribeiro1, Elmano Ramalheira2, Angela Cunha1, Newton C. M. Gomes1 and Adelaide Almeida1*

Pages: 1505-1513

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The Error-prone PCR of α-amylase from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Toward Enhanced Acid Tolerance and Higher...

Weihua Zhu1,2, Yu Cao1, Wei Li2, Bomiao Cui1, Qiaofu Yi1, Qin Zhao1, Hui Xu1, Dairong Qiao and Yi Cao1*

Pages: 1489-1496

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