Microbial Effects on Sesame-Flavor Liquor Accumulation

Tengfei Wang, Lei Lv and Ruiming Wang*

Pages: 1221-1225

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Isolation and Identification of Catechol Degrading Bacteria

Kalaivani Nadarajah* and Tan Shi Tian

Pages: 881-890

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Production of Pleurotus ostreatus on Date Palm Residues

A.A. Al-Qarawi1*, E.F. Abd-Allah1 and A.A. Bawadiji2

Pages: 1093-1097

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Metabolic Pathway of Fenpropathrin By Rhodopseudomonas palustris PSB07-19

Songbai Zhang1#, Deyong Zhang1,2#, Yong Liu1,2*, Xiangwen Luo1, Jue Cheng1 and Jing Peng1

Pages: 1233-1236

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Toxigenic Fungal Biota Associated with Walnut in Saudi Arabia

Ali Bahkali1, Abd El-Rahim M.A. El-Samawaty1,3*, Mohamed A. Yassin1,3, Medhat A. El-Naggar3,5 and Mohamed H. Mahmoud2,4

Pages: 1079-1086

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Microbial Community Analysis in the Fresh Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) Excrement of Six Months Old

Zhen Zhao1, Li Wei1, Fang Ma1,Chun-ying Li2 and Xin-yan Liu1

Pages: 1325-1330

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A novel AAA ATPase exon1-specific Primer for Detection of Aspergillus niger Isolated from Various...

Samiraj Ramesh1*, Satish kumar Rajasekharan1, Vinoth Jothiprakasam1, Ramaraj Elangomathavan2 and Subban Patharajan2

Pages: 1437-1440

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Purification and Kinetic Studies of Exo-β-1, 4- glucanase and Endo- β -1,4-glucanase from a...

Sharmila Tirumale1*, K. Soumya2, G.L. Sreelatha2 and Krishnanand3

Pages: 987-996

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Molecule Characteristics of Eucalyptus Hemicelluloses for Medical Microbiology

Wanxi Peng*, Lansheng Wang, Minglong Zhang and Zhi Lin

Pages: 1345-1349

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The Inhibitory Effects of Lactobacillus casei 1.2435- Fermented Milk against Angiotensin-I-Converting Enzyme

Wei Hou1,2*, Xue-Gang Luo1,2*, Zhao Han1,2,3, Cai-Ju Zhou1,2 and Tong-Cun Zhang1,2

Pages: 1171-1176

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