Isolation of High Quality Total RNA for Transcriptome Study from Thermally Stressed Culture of...

Spandan Chaudhary, Navin Srivastava*, Harpat Singh Rathore, Kalpesh Katudia, Vinay Kumar, Kanak Vaidya and Surendra K. Chikara

Pages: 1151-1157

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Molecular Detection of Bacteria in Activated Sludge from Municipal Wastewater of Cold Climate Regions

Abbas Jafari1*, Abbas Doosti2, Asghar Arshi2, and Payam Ghasemi Dehkordi2

Pages: 1107-1111

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Response Surface Methodology for the Optimization of l-asparaginase Production from isolated Micrococcus luteus bec...

Kiran B. Uppuluri1*, Avinash Seelam1, P. Stephen Sudershan1, Karumathil Sudeesh1 and Mohan Kalyan R. Konduri1

Pages: 853-861

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Aflatoxin B1 Occurrence, Biosynthesis and its Degradation

S. Melvin Samuel, Visenuo Aiko, Pragyanshree Panda and Alka Mehta*

Pages: 965-971

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Optimization of Bioleaching Conditions of a Low Grade Complex Nickel-copper Concentrate using Response Surface...

Rong Cheng*, Rongbo Shu, Xiangwen Liao, Houming Liu and Changliang Wang

Pages: 871-879

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Soil Microbial Population and Yield of Rainfed Maize (Zea mays L.) influenced by Application...

K.P. Suresh Naik, Narayana S. Mavarkar, T. Basavaraj Naik and N. Krishnamurthy

Pages: 1463-1466

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Antimicrobial Activity of Ethanol Extracts of Rosmarinus officinalis against Oral Microorganisms

Yeon-Hee Kim1, Jeong Hwan Kim2, Hyung-Joo Jin2 and Si Young Lee1*

Pages: 1011-1018

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