Production and Extraction of Biopigments from Rice Malt by Monascus purpureus

Ganesh Ram Sahu, Devichand Chandrakar, Arindam Chakraborty, M. Rohini-Kumar and Jabez W. Osborne*

Pages: 733-738

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Seroprevalence of Leptospira spp. in Slaughtered Cattle in Zanjan, Iran

Nahid Soltani Majd1, Ebrahim Khodaverdi Darian1, Soheila Moradi Bidhendi2, Emad Yahaghi4, Reza Mirnejad3, Pejvak Khaki2 and Jafari Hossein5*

Pages: 181-185

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Prolonging Living Tissue and Organ in Dry State through Anhydrobiosis

Wenxin Geng1, Wei Yang1, Rong Zhang2, Moqing Wang3, Wei Liu1, Huicong Du1, Yangyang Wang1 and Fulin Chen1*

Pages: 329-334

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Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of MRSA Isolated from Blood Cultures from Children

Shailaja Amur, Rajeshwari Surpur, Rajan Deshpande and Sushrit Neelopant

Pages: 561-563

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Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anger in IBS Patients

Parvin Dibajnia1*, Maryam Moghadasin2, Mohammad Ebrahim Madahi3 and Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh4

Pages: 175-180

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Survey of Postharvest Fungi Associated with Wheat, Rice and Barley Grains in Riyadh (Saudi...

Abeer R.M. Abd El-Aziz1, Mohamed A. Mahmoud1,2*, Saleh A. Al-Sohaibani1 and Monira R. Al-Othman1

Pages: 45-55

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Research on Microbial Diversity of Pipeline Biofilms in Water Distribution System

Hao Guo1*, YiMei Tian1, HuiNa Liu1,2, Bin Zhang1,3, Qing Wu1 and HongNa Guo1

Pages: 425-433

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Influence of UV Treatment on β -galactosidase Produced by Lactobacillus plantarum

Bharati Singh1, Deepmala Katiyar1*, Rajveer Singh Chauhan2, Rajesh K. Kharwar3 and Alok Milton Lall4

Pages: 595-601

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